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About the airport construction cost merges into the announcement □ of airline t
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According to the Ministry of finance and civil aviaton total bureau file asks, from August 2004 L sun rises, aviation transportation enterprises and orgnaization of airline ticket sale agent are in sale on September 1 (contain) take off from Chinese churchyard airport later when the airline ticket of the airliner, will coetaneous receive the airport to build cost.
Since September 1, 2004, the passenger takes home, international and area in Chinese churchyard (Hong Kong, Macao) airliner, by in the airport so conduction airport builds cost pay formalities, when instead is buying airline ticket along with all the others pay. Airport construction expends item of only outside airline ticket price kind to mirror, be in charge of era closing by the aviation transportation enterprises of actual acceptance of consignment. Airport construction cost is collected limits and collect a standard to still press active regulation to carry out. Be in besides the holds diplomatic passport guest that takes airliner of international and Hong Kong, Macao to leave the country and age 12 one full year of life (contain) outside the following children, the passenger that always seizes the opportunity to travel from Chinese churchyard airport, include to take business only, the passenger of charter flight all needs pay airport to build cost. Expropriation standard is, take domestic scheduled flight each 50 yuan of RMBs. Take scheduled flight of area of international and Hong Kong, Macao each 90 yuan of RMBs. Take scheduled flight of domestic branch line each 10 yuan of RMBs.

After the airline ticket that the airliner takes off after September 1 is bought before August 1, still need to buy the airport to build cost to the airport, will give bill date to decide whether the passenger has bought the airport to build cost according to airline ticket at the appointed time. When the passenger deals with return a ticket, airline and sale agent orgnaization withdraw the fund that follow a bank note along with all the others answer passenger already the airport of pay builds cost.