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Country 12 unit of boat southwest company are commended
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This year in 3 quarters, country 12 aircrew such as the Liu Yulin of boat southwest company, because overcome heavy difficulty, in executing onerous flight mission, show department of lubricious Chengdu flight to give hereby commend award. This year since 3 quarters, boat southwest company is in the country manufacturing busy season, airliner quantity is increased, production and training task are heavy, add God gas is burning hot and the grow in quantity of the thunderstorm weather of large area and plane breakdown, carry to safety cause very great difficulty. Carry a passenger to make sure safety is rapid, personnel of sky of southwest boat collectivity, ground service holds to standard flight strictly, fulfil a safety precaution seriously, begin “ to put an end to an accident in the round symptomatic, reduce activity of contest of factitious accident ” , encounter special situation, can seasonable deal with correctly, finished the airliner job of company make known to lower levels satisfactorily, better assurance the flight is safe. To commend advanced, incentive fight, achieve the goal of task of annual safe production, company flight department undertakes commending promotive to 12 aircrew such as Liu Yulin. >>