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Le Fuji of plane accident home is round Halley of the first partner is murdered
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Graph: 3 Dalian of world of Halley of the first partner lock up group of domestic happy blessing one of shopkeeper easy · Halley and its madam were in road of Home —— Le Fuji's round · of Paul of the first partner on December 6 British mid area dies at accident of a small-sized plane. Current, british place police already confirmed this one information, say in all 3 people die in second accident here. The Halley that is 69 years old founded 1972 Puluomengde (Promodes) group company, manage its gradually make Europe's top-ranking retail group. 1999, puluomengde (Promodes) be bought by domestic Le Fu. Come from 1972 1999, halley holds the position of Puluomengde all the time (Promodes) group president. In these 25 years, halley the Kang Dexiang supermarket the group (Continent) hit into France, Italy, Greek, Spain, polish, Belgian, Turkey and China to wait. June 1999, he and domestic Le Fu are presiding Bei Erna of apparitor Daniel · comes to an agreement, amalgamative two famous and retail groups, but the brand name that retains a Le Fu only. After this accuses in the Halley inside new group 11% , have the voting right of 17% . After he retires from the group, accepted the job of chairman of association of European retail trade. It is reported, respect of group of domestic happy blessing is returned not with respect to Halley publish a comment to death. >> I should comment on this news to comment on a message to have remuneration