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Boat is opposite the country appear on the market date " close a mouth not chara
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Boat is opposite the country appear on the market date “ closes a mouth not character ”

A period of ten days of descendant the middle of a month lands Hong Kong stock market, plan to be built in capital airport brand-new await machine Lou Guohang to publicize sectional chief to be opposite again yesterday about the country boat appears on the market the message of date expresses not to grant buy is judged. Recently, media coverage says, country boat will come loose at Hong Kong is being faced since December 6 an investor issue, appear on the market at place was being reached in Hong Kong couplet on December 16. Subsequently, boat will go to the country London appears on the market, become thereby in recent years first are in Hong Kong and London two ground are double the domestic company that appear on the market. Reporter Ceng Duo second at this point message Xiang Guohang seeks testimony about the branch, but did not obtain openly answer from beginning to end. The report says, the international round that boat will face orgnaization investor put on sale at spreading out since November 25 recommends the country. Later, face come loose an emission with orgnaization investor subscribe job will end on December 9, issue valence to also will be in that day dish hind affirmatory. The report recommends the research report of limited company of China International banking says, the reasonable market prise of boat stock is the country the RMB reachs 34 billion yuan 25.5 billion yuan, be equivalent to expecting earnings 2005 9.8 times to 13.1 times, adjacent and current this beneficial of Dong Hang is compared. Study the report predicts, country boat is clean 2004 profit will reach 2.29 billion yuan by 160 million yuan of growth 2003, anticipated profit is 3.1 billion yuan 2005. In addition, to the capital that boat used the country at buying a plane 2006 defray will achieve 18.6 billion yuan 2004, will cause from this mixed 2005 appeared respectively 2006 820 million yuan of cash with 580 million yuan flow deficit. And the debt total that is as high as 21 billion yuan is one of risks that its face. Additionally the message says, boat plans the nation denounce is gigantic endowment one is built to await machine building brand-newly in area of capital airport north, build new company headquarters in area of airport industry garden. Country boat first IPO makes an appointment with work off 2.81 billion stocks, occupy its of total capital stock 31% to 34.2% , collect capital 1 billion dollar. In addition, boat still withheld the country to be added additionally hair be equivalent to distributing scale surely formerly the option adding carry out of 15% . In the share that issues this, 90.9% belong to new, the rest of parts are existing share. Open collect after finishing, country of the company of group of aviation of China of ——— of the largest stockholder of boat hold a scale general from 77.8% fall to 53.7% , aviation of China of ——— of the 2nd large stockholder (group) of limited company hold a scale criterion will from before 22.2% fall to 15.3% . If carry out the option that add carry out, hold a scale bothly to still will be reduced further. >> I should comment on this news
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