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Big cock by air? It is to should go so Urumqi plays the game
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Yesterday (11 days) in the morning, the ”—— of special “ passenger that the International Airport greeted Guangzhou white cloud to fly to Urumqi to play the game to be about to take a scheduled flight two cockfighting. Yesterday morning 8 when make, xiaoyang of the member that white cloud airport installs check to convoy is exceeding big impediment to consign in some when routine go on a tour of inspection having near place, hear canorous crow voice a few times suddenly, caused all round passenger and staff member attention. When everybody searchs prestige to go, discovery should exceed big impediment to consign there is a martial big cock respectively in two basket of place, a moment ago so sound of these a few crow is their classic. Classics understanding, these two big cocks are professional and cockfighting, it is this special go to Xinjiang Urumqi to play cockfighting game of ” of profession of a “ from Guangzhou.