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Airline passenger ticket system fails to fill the post flight
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Yesterday (30) afternoon, the public mood Mr. Tang to the extreme poor, to help a friend called to be notified ordered two tickets need to pay 252 yuan, or a full refund airline will re-air procedures for reasons Mr. Tang is the time of booking, and ticketing center website information is not published to date, the existing set fares and Mr. Tang was the difference between the votes. Visitors Reservations can not handle the normal boarding pass Yesterday, Mr. Tang took the two Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd., Referred to as "Sichuan Airlines") agent point in Kunming, "Kunming line of air trade company" pins and needles out of the ticket. Mr Tong's troubles today, at 9 am from the two flights took off. A few days ago, commissioned by a friend, asking him to book two in Kunming to Xishuangbanna, air tickets, October 29 at noon, Mr. Tang through the Ticket Company Secretary Tel Sichuan Airlines has ordered two at 9:00 on the 31st ticket from Kunming to Jinghong, electronic bill numbers are: 8762024821992 and 8762024821993. Air China Association announced price reservation system, in accordance with the six two-fold 468 fare tickets Sheets (full price 780), plus 90 yuan for each fuel surcharges, for a total payment of 1116 yuan. According to Mr. Tang introduced yesterday at 3 pm, a Sichuan Airlines ticketing company claimed sales staff to call Mr. Tang, who claim the company ticketing system problems, leading to two tickets had a difference of 252 yuan Price, asked Mr. Tang pay the difference, Kunming, Sichuan Airlines in the business center for the new ticket hall, procedures, or a full refund company to cancel the order, or can not check in accordance with normal procedures. Mr Tong said the airline received a phone call, he told Air Transport Association, Sichuan Airlines Kunming Branch Ticket Center, Corporation query table query ticket information, respectively, "the results showed normal, you can check in accordance with the procedures Procedures. "Accordingly, Mr. Tang rejected the airline's requirements. Yesterday, 16:00, Mr. Tang received a ticketing company calls again, tickets have not normally boarding pass. Airlines Responsibility for system problems but passengers have to make up the difference we Reporter then linked to the Sichuan Airlines Kunming Branch know what was going on. Kunming, Sichuan Airlines, a ticket center staff member surnamed Gong explained, because Sichuan Airlines has just launched flights Kunming to Jinghong, Kunming to view the recent domestic airlines Full-fare routes Hung has risen to 780 yuan from 990 yuan, but the center of Sichuan Airlines website and the publication of information on ticketing have not had time to update. Mr Tong ordered the ticket is a ticket under the previous fare, and not in accordance with the existing Ticket fares, which have resulted in the middle of each 126 yuan, 252 yuan a total difference. Staff said yesterday afternoon, the company identified the problem, try out the vote through the "empty line in Kunming trade company" contact Mr. Tang through consultation difference matters. Solution according to the company, if Mr. Tang's friends Friends would like to proceed according to the original itinerary, you need to pay ticketing system error caused by 126 yuan price difference, the business hall in Kunming for the new ticket office procedures, if you do not agree, the airlines can also be a full refund, cancellation of booking Single. Last night, Mr. Tang Sichuan Airlines Corporation to reflect this situation, the other answer will investigate the matter, but only within three working days to reply to Mr. Tang. To ensure travel friends, Mr. Tang had to each 880 re-purchase price of two tickets to the same flight. Lawyer Should bear full responsibility for the airline Yunnan Xin Jin Qiao Liu Aiguo, director of law firm lawyers that Mr. Tang since it is in accordance with the normal ordering process to buy airline tickets, the ticket has also been successful. According to China's "Contract Law" in the air passenger Terms of the contract, the contract ticket is proof of passenger transport, passengers holding tickets with the carrier generally means that the existence of relations between the transport of passengers by ticket may require the carrier to carry out transportation obligations. Accordingly, the airline's first breach of the act is, should bear full responsibility. Liu Aiguo, said airlines should be in accordance with the contract security to Mr Tong's friends Jinghong, and if the other is transfer of foreign visitors through Kunming , Causing travel delays, the airlines should at least take the other accommodation, living expenses and other related costs. Causing the loss of passengers resulting from the delay should be added to any penalty.