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January 10 price of a watershed for the ticket to "strike" book flights early a
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January 10 next year, is the ticket price of a watershed. Before flying special fares;, the price is to jump up every day, the highest rise in the New Year's Eve day. Reporter learned from the civil aviation sector, in January 2011 than this year ticket prices rose sharply in December, so whether you are home or traveling, the best advance to "strike" set ticket. On the one hand, every year at the end of the aviation market, the traditional low season, on the other hand, airline passenger traffic in order to refresh the year, will be cheap to attract more visitors through this year, too. From last month, domestic airlines flight plans begin in winter and spring, the introduction of large number of new routes, have thrown special fares to attract popularity, ticket prices all the way down. Ningbo air ticket center staff said that this year's aviation market this "low tide" to feel strong. Ningbo to the ticket as long as 190 yuan, Wuhan, Ningbo to Beijing is 350 yuan ticket ... ... routes originating in Ningbo, 40% of the airline launched a 3 pack of cheap tickets, part of the ticket prices cheaper than the train. In addition, only part of the route in previous years, airlines in the implementation of discounts, this year launched a large scale. Hainan Airlines 18 cities in the country of origin of more than 100 routes in the launch of a 2 fold to 4 fold discount. At present, Ningbo, Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Changsha, can buy 3 to 4 discount off the ticket, which is expected influx of cheap stocks will continue until January 10 next year or so. Reporters through the "Where" network, Ctrip and other inquiries, found that from mid-January next year, starting from Ningbo to ticket prices across the country began to rise sharply. In the "Where" website ticket price trend graph to see, before January 10, Ningbo to Beijing, the average ticket price of 300 yuan, or up and down, January 10 after it rose to 800 yuan. In addition, "Ningbo to Guangzhou", "Ningbo to Hainan," and other routes are also in the Jan. 12, 13 rose significantly before and after, Jan. 20 peak. Chen LH head of civil aviation ticket office in Ningbo, said an annual Spring Festival, the train ticket, "a ticket is hard", many people choose instead to fly home. Although there are more than 1 from the Spring months, but a mid to late next year, passengers on flights this month, even higher than the query. "Intends to return home by air New Year, may wish to carefully look for it now, grasping time machine, advance booking."