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Chinese civil aviaton concerns a provision
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Calm: The passenger takes domestic scheduled flight, can stipulate according to concerning to airline booking office or person of its sale agent reserve a place. Already decided the passenger of appropriate seat, should set in carrier or the ticket is bought inside decided time limit about beforehand. If not was in,the ticket is bought inside decided time limit about beforehand, what decide a seat to be cancelled namely. The ability after beard of nonsked passenger ticket decides appropriate seat is used.

Buy a ticket: Chinese passenger buys a ticket, must offer oneself " dweller Id " or other and effective identity document, fill in " the passenger decides a sheet " ; Foreign passenger, overseas Chinese, harbor, bay, comptatriots of Taiwan buys a ticket, the other and effective identity document that must offer card of card of valid passport, return to one's native place, comptatriots of Taiwan, resident card, journey card or public security mechanism to issue, fill in " the passenger decides a sheet " . Seat reconfirm: Passenger hold decides the couplet Cheng of appropriate seat or round-trip passenger ticket, if above stays 72 hours in this couplet Cheng or return trip place, the station must leave before two days in couplet Cheng or plane of return trip airliner midday 12 when previously, formalities of conduction seat reconfirm. Otherwise, decide a seat not to grant to withhold formerly. If the passenger arrives at couplet Cheng or the time that return trip ground chooses to leave station time not to exceed 72 hours from airliner plane, do not need to deal with seat reconfirm formalities.

Passenger ticket: Passenger ticket is nominative type, be restricted only him fare that the full name lists on passenger ticket is used, must not be made over and alter, otherwise passenger ticket is invalid, bill section is not retreated. International and passenger ticket of domestic couplet Cheng, cheng of its home couplet paragraph seize the opportunity couplet can be in domestic couplet Cheng Hang paragraph use, do not need to change domestic passenger ticket; The fills with international passenger ticket home aviation that the passenger buys outside our country condition carries passenger ticket, should change the ability after passenger ticket of our country home to use. Fixed passenger ticket applies to what state on passenger ticket to seize the opportunity only date and airliner. Passenger ticket period of efficacy: Home carries the period of efficacy of passenger ticket to be a year. Fixed passenger ticket begins the consideration since viatic day from the passenger, nonsked passenger ticket calculates since the morrow zero hour that writes passenger ticket.

Children ticket: Full already two one full year of life are not full the children of 12 one full year of life presses adult full price 50% buy a ticket. Not full the baby of two one full year of life presses adult full price 10% buy a ticket, do not take one place alone. Each adult passenger can have a baby to enjoy this kind of fare only. Ticket price: Ticket price department shows the passenger nods the airport to carry admission fee to the aviation that reachs place airport by ground setting out, do not include the ground transport costs between the airport and urban district.
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