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Border land travel is provisional run way
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The first is what enlarge our country tourism further to open to the outside world, the economic prosperity of stimulative border area and society are stable, promotional the society that gets national people with adjoin and friendship, perfect management of border land travel, make this way

What this the 2nd regulation calls border land travel, it is the travel agent organization that points to classics approval and the citizen that recieve home of neighbour of our country and adjoin, collective comes in and go out from designation border land port condition, the travel activity that has inside the area that decides in bilateral government and deadline.

Bureau of tourism of the 3rd country is the director branch that border land travels, be in charge of making border land travel concern policy and administrative measure, to border land travel undertakes macroscopical managing, approval undertakes the travel agent that border land travels.

Bureau of tourism of province of the 4th border land, municipality is in charge of be opposite the border land tourism inside this canton the management of Wu, supervise, directive chime attune, make the executive detailed rules of management of border land travel according to concerned code, develop case of border land travel to report of national tourism bureau regularly.

Bureau of tourism of town of the 5th border, county travels in superior below the guidance that is in charge of a branch, the activity of border land travel of our region of responsible and harmonious management.

The 6th applies for the essential condition of business of open border travel:

(one) the border town that approval of classics the State Council opens to the foreigner, county;

(2) the country sanctions the state that open to the outside world formally one, 2 kinds of port, establishment of port couplet check is basic and all ready;

(3) the travel agent that approval of travel administration department can welcome foreign tourist;

(4) the requirement that has certificate of condition of discrepancy of the member that nearby deals with ginseng tourist;

(5) have liaison man condition and recieve establishment;

(6) with area of border land of state of the other side travel department signed intentional agreement.

The 7th is the same as department of travel of area of border land of state of the other side to sign the main content of intentional agreement:

(one) the particular form that bilateral organization border land travels, service item that offers to group of tourism of the other side, territory and settle accounts means;

(2) the discrepancy condition certificate that the member that both sides enters visitor uses;
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