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Airport of dam of Kunming witch home introduces
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Be apart from downtown with south 6.5 kilometers,
Airport ask phone: 0871- 7113230
Traffic facilities
Civil aviaton regular bus goes back and forth between the urban district, need 20 minutes about, the price is in 15-20 yuan. Sangdana, nimble amounts to general taxi, the cart such as the red flag, 3 kilometers start valence 8 yuan, every kilometer increases price 1.8 yuan (valence starts after 10 o'clock in the evening 9.6 yuan, 2.7 yuan / kilometer) . Small model is like Xiali car to wait, 3 kilometers less than 7 yuan, subsequently 1.6 yuan / kilometer (step price has after 10 o'clock in the evening 9.6 yuan, 2.4 yuan / kilometer) . Bus: 67 buses from passenger station of boreal urban district only then hair arrive from Beijing road spring city district reachs the airport whole journey one yuan