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What passenger is unfavorable take a plane?
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Look from aeromedicine and the point of view that defend passenger health, the fare that contracts following disease is average unsuited take a plane: Heighten of internal pressure of the shock that is in rescue condition, insensible, skull; Companion of fracture of skull brain damage, skull has insensible or breathing section keep under control is not full person, cerebral inflammation, tumour and near future had done the person that enrage a head; Angina of miocardial infarction of less than of a month after spending disease of myositis of heart failure, heart again, 6 Zhou Neiceng happening, near future is frequent fit, serious rhythm of the heart is wrong person, after cerebral blood-vessel accident is ill two weeks inside, hypertensive patient systole is pressed exceed 24KPa (180mmHg) , diastolic pressure exceeds 17.4KPa (130mmHg) person; Heavy bronchus asthma, tuberculosis the lobar sore point with not full function of empty, emphysema, lung, the big mediastinum tumour, person that design bosom of congenital lung bursa, alobe of the lung to excise, the near future suffers from pleurisy of spontaneity pneumothorax, pneumothorax, blood pneumothorax, oozy travel to accompany the person that have breathing function obstacle; Spend the person that massive haemorrhage of anaemic, traumatic sex, haemoglobin is under 60G/L again; The ulcer of gastric bowel path with very dark side of acute appendicitis, ulcer, viscera or the organization such as head of especially big tumour, intestinal obstruction, skull, abdomen, eyeball injure companion to have the person that accumulate gas, fracture is secured with canal gesso and condole weighs hammer tractor, the person that 48 hours are not worth after abdominal surgery, bad displacement of tetanic, temperament person, serious tympanitis accompanies official of pharynx having side to jam companion of serious nose sinusitis has nasal cavity to aerate obstacle person, the person that secure jawbone operation; Be born the baby that is not worth 14 days and pregnant celestial bodies pregnant woman of 8 months above; Of AIDS and national regulation one, 2 kinds of contagion; Manic model mental disease, epileptic disease; Bacchic or narcotic and other drugs are toxic person; Contain the patient of serious haemoptysis, haematemesis, haemorrhage and groan symptom; Face cloth achieves the injury, person that special situation may cause other fare to detest badly.