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Domestic airport is apart from urban distance
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Airport of domestic each district is apart from downtown space
The following information offers reference only (partial city is being centered in search)
Airport of urban airport name is apart from KM
Qingdao Liuting airport 32
Airport of Jinan Yao wall 28.5
Airport of Yantai Lai hill 15.5
Airport of city of blessing of the North sea 24
Beijing capital International Airport 26
Changsha chrysanthemum airport 26
Airport of Chongqing river north 23
Dalian Dalian International Airport 10
Fuzhou grows happy International Airport 12
Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport 6
Guilin two rivers International Airport 13
Airport of Hangzhou desolate hill 12
Chinese Chinese and Western closes the airport 1
Lhasa tribute airport 200
Nanjing salary mouth International Airport 34
Airport of company of peaceful wave oak 12
Outside Shan head arenaceous airport 13
Shenyang peach celestial being International Airport 18
Shenzhen Baoan airport 38
Urumqi ground nest spreads the airport 17
Yan'an spreads the airport 20 lis 10
Yichang 3 gorge airport 25
Zhengzhou Zhengzhou new Zheng International Airport 35
In good health 5 lis of airports 17
Baotou Baotou airport 23
Chengdu double shed International Airport 16
Dunhuang Dunhuang airport 13
Changzhou approachs bovine airport 27
Big talk is beautiful orchid the airport 20
33 of International Airport of Harbin peace and tranquility
Airport of brook of yellow mountain village 5
Airport of fort of Guiyang dragon hole 35
In Lanzhou plain the airport 75
Airport of dam of Kunming witch home 5
Fine valley closes fine valley to close the airport 14
Airport of Nanchang prosperous north 28
Shanghai rainbow bridge International Airport 13
Airport of Wuhan the Milky way 26
18 of Tianjin seaside International Airport
Taiyuan fierce old airport 15
Airport of fort of Xining Home Cao 24
Airport of Yu Lin Xisha 2
Yinchuan river east the airport 12
Zhuhai 3 kitchen airport 31
International Airport of Xi'an Xian Yang 48
10 of International Airport of Xiamen Gao Qi