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3 kinds of means with true test of electronic passenger ticket
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1: Website test is true

Can land the black-and-white on journey sheet Http://www.travelsky.com of check true website inputs number of electronic passenger ticket by clew, submit an expense account proof number or passenger full name examine;

2: Phone test is true

Can dial 400-815-8888 of check true phone to input the information check such as number of electronic passenger ticket according to speech clew true;

3: Short message test is true

China's mobile user sends English letter JP to arrive 1065800999, after getting reply short message, according to clew input 13 electrons v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money undertakes operating, can examine airline ticket true and false. Chinese UniCom also will open this business recently.

Do not suffer lose for your interest, buy airline ticket to normal booking office please, after taking journey sheet, check please fill unit and you to buy ticket unit whether conform to passes above 3 kinds of kind test airline ticket information, lest bad bill is peddled,use section of bill of false journey odd diddle or discount price difference, bring a loss to you.