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Carry liquid state article to restrict announcement
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To defend safety of passenger life property, total bureau of Chinese civil aviation decides to adjust a passenger to carry liquid state article to take the relevant step of domestic flight number, show announcement to be as follows:

One, the guest that takes domestic scheduled flight is uniform prohibit carrying liquid state article, but can deal with make use, its are packed should accord with civil aviaton to carry concerned provision.

2, the cosmetic that the passenger carries a few journey for private use, every kinds of cosmetic is restricted to take, its container volume must not exceed 100 milliliter, answer inside park independence bag, accept bottle of inspection.

3, come from outside the condition inside the territory in needing to be in the airport turns the guest that takes domestic scheduled flight, its carry the article of duty-free liquid state that enter a country to answer park bag system is whole nondestructive and inside the transparent polybag of heal, need to show shopping evidence, affirm via safe examination undoubted and rear portable.

4, the baby lets the passenger of travel, when buying a ticket, can apply for to airline, offer liquid state dairy produce freely on machine by airline; Diabetic or other patient carry indispensible liquid state drug, affirm via safe examination undoubted hind, hand in keep by aircrew.

5, the guest that takes scheduled flight of international, area, the liquid state article that its carry still carries out total bureau of Chinese civil aviation to was released on March 17, 2007 " the announcement that carries liquid state article to take civil aviaton plane about limitation " in concerned regulation.

6, because the passenger disobeys afore-mentioned regulations to cause by accident of the consequence such as machine, responsibility conceit.

This announcement applies since the day that announce.