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In the day big public house
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Hotel introduction: Big public house is class of a SamSung in the day hotel of travel of omnibus business affairs, be located in unseal city most square of central —— drum-tower, border with famous drum-tower night fair and be in, temple of country of as old as Buddhist name temple photograph only the Yao of 100 paces, situation is advantageous, communication is very easy. “ look can see Gu Cheng 7 government view, ramble can taste night fair a hunderd schools the true portraiture that fastfood ” is pair of hotels. Establishment of hotel guest room is luxurious and all ready, elegant, have of all kinds guest room 108 / set, the assembly room that can welcome 20—200 person 4; Meal ministry first floor is to have 260 many food De Keshi is Western-style snack hall, 2 buildings management another name for Guangdong Province, plain, comfort dish and provide extremely unseal the gust of characteristic is fastfood banquet, among them the hall reached size banqueting hall at 0 o'clock 18, can offer 450 people have dinner; Quantity of KTV of collect of ministry of peace and happiness is peddled and gymnastical guild hall at an organic whole, offer the big Han that provides different region amorous feelings extremely to wash bath for you at the same time; In addition still have actual strength abundant travel agent, clean company and wash clothes the center. Home of interface of central air conditioning, broadband, international is set to dial directly phone, automatic fire control to call the police inside the hotel the modern system such as TV of system, satellite, the ground and subterranean parking lot but at the same time park car more than 70. Hotel from September 2000 since practice be judged 4 years to be “ Henan to save ” of restaurant of optimal star class continuously, 2004, was in two years continuously 2005 unseal the first is had the honor to win in evaluation of restaurant of city star class, was judged by the tourist again 2005 the Henan that to unseal “ of town exclusive home likes most saves ” of 10 beautiful restaurant. In the day faculty of big public house the spirit with sincere letter, deal with concrete matters relating to work, cooperation, innovation, provide enthusiastic, courteous, sweet, considerate service for social all circles, offer arrangement of office of a business affairs, conference, travel for you the good place that recreation of recreational, fitness, food lodges.

Additional collect fees: The charge that add a bed: NCharge of breakfast of Ull price 60.0/ : Xing all charge of breakfast of 10.0/ of price of buffet of Chinese style of? of figured woven silk material: Have a nightmare all?0.0/ of Zou of graph of figured woven silk material

Address: Unseal street of drum-tower of city drum-tower area 41

Phone: 0378-5958888

Traffic information: Be apart from the airport 70 kilometers take a car 50 minutes; Be apart from a railway station 2.5 kilometers take a car 8 minutes; 1 kilometer multiplies temple of country of distance old photograph 8 minutes on foot car minute;
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