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Unseal hotel guesthouse directory!
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Unseal address of Yu Xiang big public house: South earthy street a phone: 5995555 5995588

Unseal address of Jing Fuda hotel: Crossbeam road a phone: 3811777/3811888

Unseal Henan hotel address: Temple back street 23 phones: 5999888

Unseal in the day address of big public house: Drum-tower street 41 phones: 5958888

Unseal address of spaceflight big public house: Crossbeam road 99 phones: 3859999

Unseal guesthouse address: Phone of free path middle: 5955598

Unseal address of Tokyo old hotel: The road that welcome guest 99 phones: 3938861

Unseal address of restaurant of Beijing of another name for Kaifeng: East ave 109 phones: 2886699

Unseal address of 99 quick hotels: Phone of drum-tower new scope of operation: 5669999

Unseal address of Jin Mingchi big public house: Phone of middle of Jin Ming highway: 3886666

Open closed to come address of big public house: Phone of middle of Jin Ming highway: 3856666

Unseal new China address of big public house: Crossbeam road on the west paragraph phone: 3887688

Recommend a hotel: Unseal Yu Xiang big public house

English name (big public house of Yuxiang Hotel) Yu Xiang is guest room of a market, meal, conference, recreation the business affairs of SamSung class concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals at an organic whole travels hotel, be located in unseal the most flourishing a sector of an area of downtown, border unseal Ma Daojie, Zhongshan shops food of night fair of a street, drum-tower memorial hall of a street, Liu Shaoji. The station can see between capacious and bright view scene booth of dragon of relics of palace of Northen Song Dynasty, cloud-kissing Northen Song Dynasty builds iron tower, return bell of frost of temple of audibility photograph country resound in a low voice. The hotel has favorable situation and circumjacent environment, no matter be,sightseeing shops, all very convenience.
The hotel has various guest room more than 140 (set) , establishment of form a complete set is all ready. The garden dining-room of luxurious elegance can accommodate 600 people to dine at the same time, style of 24 adornment that include a house is disparate, explain law of traditional cooking ability and contemporary nutrition meticulously for you the shirt-sleeve the peak of poetic perfection of nourishing concept.
The environment is easy the reason of ” of “ Yi Shuya that provides professional service allows Han of model body center, day to wash bath center, for you attentive make fashionable living. In addition, the hotel still has 6 volume the assembly room of each different, the biggest assembly room can carry on the large conference of 300 people, deserve to have all sorts of modern conference establishment, the business affairs activity that is you at any time provides high grade and convenient service.
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