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Big public house of Henan gold source
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Big public house of Henan gold source is the business affairs that according to international level of 4 stars grade builds hotel. Repose in have “ 7 government ancient capital, of ” of northward water city say unseal city, the adjacent of photograph of park of ancient city wall with beauty, border unseal railway station and long-distance station, be apart from Zhengzhou International Airport 60 kilometers. The hotel was built 2005, have guest room of person of guest room of flatlet of presidential flatlet, luxurious business affairs, standard, large sheet 84. Entire guest room all has water of hot spring of 24 hours of TV of central air conditioning, phone direct dial, satellite, terrestrial heat to supply, high speed gets online, automatic gush drenchs the modern hotel facilities such as the system. The style can let you enjoy highest grade between the luxurious meal bag with elegant nobility of disparate, adornment Yan Baochi and dish of comfort of plain another name for Guangdong Province, appreciate the essence of China food culture. The cafeteria of environmental grace lets you be enjoyed in beautiful and moving swing delicate small feed, various breakfast, north and south and Western-style and classical delicate. Guild hall of golden source business affairs has hot spring to wash bath, sauna to massage, the recreational, gym Kang Yu that helps somebody attain his aim neatly serves card of ball of KTV, ping-pong, billiards, sanded crock, chess make you complete put flying state of mind. The VIP of luxurious nobility blocks the room that pull OK, it is you the optimal choice with daily carefree pastime. The party facilities facilities with perfect hotel, the medium, small-sized assembly room of luxurious air, muti_function hall, banqueting hall and professional servive routine staff will show its perfect service for you. Scientific and active management, with perfect and advanced facilities facilities, the luxurious adornment of beautiful Lun Meihuan, efficient and rapid excellent service, it is you stay, fete, conference, recreational is optimal the place of first selection.

Hotel name: Big public house of Henan gold source
Detailed address: Henan province unseals city Daqing road 2
Hotel network address: Http://www.jinyuanhotel.com/
Type level: 4 stars class
Downstage phone: 03783975555
Service facilities: Chinese meal hall, western-style food hall, shindig hall, professional auditoria, honoured guest anteroom, show office, muti_function hall
Characteristic serves: Dining-room advocate battalion another name for Guangdong Province, plain, comfort dish, by renown division advocate manage, skill is superior. Offer business affairs, public house, wash hall of bath, song, recreation, fitness, beautify hair, foreign currency is changed, wash clothes, the service such as IDD phone. It is the accommodation of guest of China and foreign countries, recreation, repast, good place that holds the conference, business affairs to negotiate.
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