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Jing Fuda hotel
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Unseal the hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of SamSung stage travel that Jing Fuda hotel is a modernization. Be located in unseal to road of crossbeam of city new the city zone, the square of square —— Xi Jinming with the oldest urban district is faced on the west, traffic advantage, environment is beautiful, have advantaged situation. The hotel has a level, odd world, flatlet, luxurious flatlet in all 70 (set) , distributing in 11 reach 15, phone of indoor air conditioning, color television, programmed control, water, the establishment such as freezer is all ready, adornment is elegant and beautiful, give visitor with the feeling like — of sweet, comfortable home. Meal ministry hires hutch of Guangdong advanced name to chair arrange especially, advocate battalion is authentic dish of another name for Guangdong Province. Dining-room shares a bag 19, muti_function the hall 1, the style is disparate, chic and luxurious, can accommodate 400 people repast at the same time, repast environment is decorous, broad, the adornment between among them president collar for a horse is showily, the function is all ready, function of collect meal, recreation is an organic whole. The hotel still sets assembly room many, can hold 300 more than person. Scene blessing big public house at official in January 2002 start business, new establishment, new environment, new feeling, it is guest of China and foreign countries the travel, recreational, good place that crosses false, business affairs, office.

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