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News caption: Unseal big public house of city Yu Xiang
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Harships course is near 7 carry act vigorously of ” of “ Yu Xiang to enter climb a peak

2 OOO year, the bright phearl of a bright sets the center in Yu Gucheng, the gun salute sound of October National Day knocks the festival drumbeat of start business of Yu Xiang big public house noisy. Yu Xiang big public house is guest room of a market, meal, conference, recreation the SamSung class hotel at an organic whole, be rebuilt by former model bazaar and become. 20 centuries 20 time, former countryman revolution army Feng Yuxiang of commander-in-chief of the 2nd a group army advocate during comfort, built paradigmatic market, yu Xiang big public house from this extend the meaning and come. Nowadays, the Feng Yu Xiangdiao that stands still before hotel door indicates like what already became ” of “ Yu Xiang the gender is built, “ Yu Manqiong building, auspicious 5 continent ” more reveal its profundity implied meaning.

Yu Xiang big public house is the guest room of a market, meal, conference, recreation, travel SamSung that is an organic whole class hotel, supervise company management by hotel of property of Guangzhou Pearl River now. Brand-new administrative pattern, the management concept of lead, advanced company culture, harmonious human relationship, professional administrative team, make the hotel is in unseal city rises abruptly quickly with the industry, enjoy higher prestige and famous degree. The hotel is located in unseal downtown is the most flourishing a sector of an area, famous drum-tower night fair and commercial shopping mall are faced on the west, memorial hall of northing Liu Shaoji is only 100 meters, the environment that depending on the top-ranking establishment that builds meticulously, grace and sweet service, await respectively of sincerity of Yu Xiang big public house your presence.

The hotel has various guest room 141 are covered, more than 280 bed, establishment of form a complete set is all ready. One cup sweet strong coffee, a sweet magazine, while you enjoy classical and modern life, can the gorgeous movement of endless flow of listen respectfully history; The natural and smooth writing of the resplendent and magnificent, iron tower of Long Ting of look overlook —— ; Fu ear listens attentively to —— the Koran loudly chant, of bell of photograph country frost resound in a low voice ……

The garden restaurant with luxurious and elegant hotel can accommodate 800 people to dine at the same time, style of 21 adornment that include a house is disparate. The hotel is given priority to with authentic comfort dish, dish of raise of the Huaihe River is complementary, have dinner of cate of offers of all kinds, of all kinds banquet, conference have dinner each are not identical, in what lie fallow, explaining law of traditional cooking ability and contemporary nutrition meticulously for you the clever confluence of nourishing concept.

The hotel has the assembly room with 6 different specifications, can recieve 20- - the conference that 200 people differ, the biggest muti_function hall can carry on the large conference of 400 people, deserve to have all sorts of modern conference establishment, the business affairs activity that is you at any time provides high grade and convenient service.
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