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Unseal guesthouse
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Traffic information: Be apart from the airport 60 kilometers take a car 90 minutes; Be apart from a railway station 3 kilometers take a car 5 minutes; Be apart from downtown 1 kilometer takes a car 2 minutes;

Hotel introduction: Unseal restaurant of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of class of guesthouse department SamSung, be located in ancient city center, it is a hotel of court type garden that has full-bodied Song Daijian to build a style. Guesthouse is apart from temple of country of old photograph of chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes only 500 meters. Guesthouse has international standard guest room 190, bed many pieces 400, guest room is round-the-clock 24 hours provide water of bath of mineral spring of natural terrestrial heat; 8 size assembly room, can accommodate 300 people to attend a meeting at the same time; 3 independent dining-room, can accommodate 600 people repast at the same time. Renown hutch gathers together, dish of management each district and various and traditional gust are fastfood.

Additional collect fees: Increase bed cost: Oh charge of breakfast of cloth Zou?00.0/ : Charge of breakfast of?0.0/ of Xing outskirt Zou: Charge of breakfast of?0.0/ of Zou of outskirt of have a nightmare: ?0.0/ of calamity  Zou

Address: Unseal way of freedom of city drum-tower area 66

Phone: 0378-5955589