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In particular can not afford to buy cabbage cabbage 4 = 1 ticket
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In Trinidad and Tobago (below referred to as "Trinidad"), lived for some time, I experience a lot of new, such as generous locals will have to go out to play "fly", but sometimes they will buy cabbage trees hesitated a long time. Out hit "fly" Trinidad and Tobago is the Eastern Caribbean's largest "double island," inevitably going to live in Trinidad Tobago. I thought the boat so close enough, I did not expect the locals say, of course to the plane. Trinidad and Tobago's total area is only 5,000 square kilometers, is smaller than Shanghai, so close to the boat is not enough? Local friends laughed and said: "First, because time does not guarantee a boat, but also to two and a half hours. Even more frightening is the waves, passengers tend to get seasick, many people have gall halo should spit it out. The plane, on time, comfortable and cheap. from Trinidad to Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago is the only domestic routes, two classes of aircraft in the afternoon, the frequency is not low. Aircraft from takeoff to landing less than 20 minutes. The key is cheap, only 150 special per ticket (a special element about 1.05 yuan.) Trinidad and Tobago is the only oil-rich Caribbean country, the oil price is very cheap gasoline as long as 97 yuan a liter of 4 special, special yuan a liter of diesel 1.5. Trinidad and Tobago a considerable proportion of the private car to diesel power. Local people can say that the rich were oil. Many people regard the island of Tobago to Trinidad to study children, every weekend will have to play "fly" back and forth. Cheap oil also Trinidad and Tobago as the Caribbean hub. United Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Air Canada and so have direct flights. Residents go to neighboring Caribbean countries in Europe and America, most need to turn to Trinidad. Gift is a semi-cabbage trees Leading a poor family do not know your wrong, although the "Chai" cheap, but after all, can not eat, Trinidad and Tobago is really expensive, "m", particularly among the most fruits and vegetables. Young couple a pair of foreign capital, Port of Spain candidates to teach, principals arrived soon receive a gift: a half cabbage. Principals afraid he probably does not appreciate, do not tear up the price tag: 30 Special yuan. Little more than the couple suddenly speechless. In fact, spent a long time to know that in Trinidad and Tobago, Chinese cabbage is not always able to afford to eat, and a special element be three to four cabbage cheap, and does not necessarily have the goods. Pleased to say when a friend told the author finally buy authentic rape, I saw three small thin sealed in a little box of rape, 21 special price for the yuan. Trinidad and Tobago is a reason for your dishes, when the first production-related, I found that not only is the food, any alien plant species to grow in Trinidad, is not so easy. I brought the flower seeds from Canada, buried in soil for six months, no sound. Mirabilis seeds brought from home, this is a mud flowering plants can be germinated in Trinidad more than a month before, three months longer only an inch long, and finally died. Once, a friend invited him to dinner, came to end on the two green spinach, said the farm produced its own first crop, long the only grow two to three months. Line to the U.S. standard of living Trinidad and Tobago Government policy does not tend to agriculture, long the colonial days, the "planting," they have a natural aversion. Playing since independence, special people do not want to farm the land. Oil and gas discovery with unique, natural gas and other resources, particularly gas children to follow the heart more than a straight line bulging wallet, the Government's policy is likely to develop the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry, financial communications, and other easy money profession. "Not bad money," the special people longing for the outside world, to the American standard of living as one line. Fruits and vegetables, meat and eggs are imported from the U.S. wait. We are far away with the hot weather, the supermarket of fresh fruits and vegetables are less expensive. American original grapes are beginning to mildew of the Changbai, or special per box of fifty or sixty. Of course, Trinidad is not enough manpower to the development of agriculture, and because of the mountainous, large agricultural machinery is also no room to maneuver. And alien species on the contrary, especially many native plant species grow very rapidly in the ground will be able to throw long. Lack of local tropical fruits and vegetables, specialty, and the production of very lucrative. But basically fend for themselves, so that on the one hand led to uneven development of species, affecting the diversity of varieties of fruits and vegetables, on the other hand no harvest. Such as locally produced mangoes, and many people are around their houses, and the Four Seasons continue to bear fruit, but the market is sold on the height, but also the most expensive element of a special one. A friend joked that this fruit rot in the ground nobody paid, as long as someone brings in a basket to pick a pick to earn a lot. However, lack of local labor, the job did not pick up the white man do. This is especially strange way of life than on weekdays cabbage trees to be hesitant to buy half a day, take trips to the aircraft is actually very common thing. After all, just a ticket price of cabbage trees.