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The our city is organized successfully only then hair travel special train
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This year during the Mid-autumn Festival, the travel special train that sends bound of past Zhang Jia as time from the our city slowly leave piece, the major issue of a travel that the our city is worth to pay close attention to most this year ends eventually. Wherefrom rises momently, the our city left to debut without the organization thoroughly only then the history that sends travel special train, development of our city tourism lifted new one page from now on. Tourism group thinks, this one incident, indicate a development strength of market of our city travel agent, competition ability has promoted considerably, market of this locality travel is mature with each passing day.

In recent years, as the our city travel market matures with each passing day, citizen of go on a journey is in grow in quantity of year after year, the area on traffic of our city highway the advantage has been shown, missive travel bus is round, frequency, amount is in promotion. But long-term since, the area on railroad traffic advantage, a respect goes out to was not shown all the time in travel, our city travel agent has recieved many coming special train of travel of another name for Kaifeng, but had not sent oneself the organization only then hair travel special train.

Be aimed at this kind of state, shang Xiang of controller of 3 wool travel agent thinks, among them a the mainest reason, it is travel agent respect cannot ensure solicit enough much tourist, and to the organization only then group of so extensive go on a tour lacks hair travel special train enough confidence. Shang Xiang introduces to the reporter, organize successfully to ensure only then hair travel special train, in forecast this locality tourist to cannot achieve a special train completely to bear the weight of when the number, travel agent respect has travel special train breaking up above all, on the foundation of market of contented this locality, will redundant railroad car hits packet of sale to give on the way the travel agent of berth ground, and use the means that solicits concentrated conduct propaganda, extensively in this locality, maximum collection tourist. City tourism bureau expresses about chief, means of such organization, operation, assured this finally only then the success that sends travel special train, to our city other travel agent will be operated successfully henceforth only then sense of hair travel special train is great.

Jin Baode of director of city tourism bureau points out, in our city travel agent active organization falls, first times when send bound of past Zhang Jia only then hair travel special train is mark sex shakedown, succeed shakedownly this, test and verify the actual strength of our city travel agent, explained our city travel agent has the capacity of development market, have the capacity that as big as the other place travel agent competes, also explained from flank the our city goes out travel demand is exuberant, travel market is moving toward maturity further.
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