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Unseal fastfood and specific place and price
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The broth of sheep of Home Ma Yan of drum-tower square. Write down, sold with respect to what do not have midday, had better be in in the morning ten before go eating.
Hotpot soup is least 5, tell commonly like to eat plain boiled pork, steamed bun 5 wool together. Food is free.
steamed bun lacerate bubble goes in eat, if be afraid of too oily, it is OK that when containing boiling water, you say not to want oil to them, basically it is OK that two people eat. Drink soup to hold easy suffer from excessive internal heat only, dish has the feeling of bit of similar salad, it is free, but I do not suggest everybody eats too much. Because still have a lot of,want eating thing. Remind again nevertheless, in unseal those who want to have former juice former taste is fastfood, do not mind their wholesome condition. Always clean place, flavour is not authentic. Jerry come back to fill the money that decorate.
Temple door, namely east big temple doorway, go to in academic door north.
It is 3 buses from boreal path door southward the 2nd traffic light.
6 wool, I like salty, it is this is planted double-faced the sesame seed cake that is sesame seed.
There still is beef of earthnut, sanded home, tripe over there. Fry the carbonado of dried, Ma Yuxing. Hum, it is good thing, if you if money arrived at 10 o'clock in the morning, n eats more, those who do is OK still.
One when approach temple door sells moustache hot boiling water, those who do is pretty good, the meat that if be frequent visitor,gives is more, if new personality goes up, rarer, need not urgent, introduce an eating house of betterer introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad hot boiling water to you a little while, was opposite, the soup here is together a bowl.
Mouth of bookshop street north, inn of Home Cao cold drink, also be the history that exceeded 10 years of above, , , my loving most is the milk ice red bean inside. Milk puts red bean on the ice, two 51 cups, remember must adding ice, what do not add ice is not delicious. Red bean is sweet, sweeter than milk, want intentional manage to prepare so.
Polished glutinous rice cuts cake, also be sweet, when so the ladies of light put on weight order a thing, be about to take care, quite delicious, I am preferred, so I become fat, reducing weight so.
Actually here still has other a lot of thing is bit OKer, but make cold drink make one's fortune after all, so I like to have the desert here and cold drink only. Polished glutinous rice is cut cake and below this polished glutinous rice is rummy it is two, remember the price, plan course and consumption well, that day us two people ate 23 one day in all 5, very should cheap still.
The sesame seed cake of street of Xu government office, from thin pancake made of millet flour westerly goes over there fruit, of road north, 5 wool money one, super and delicious, cooperate the bean jelly among Ma Daojie, match absolutely.
Du Ji papers one yuan of hot boiling water a bowl, round-the-clock do business. Opposite bag fair ancestral temple, south the road.
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