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Fry unseal fastfood map tries to locate sth by following up a clue can big full
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The steamed stuffed bun of soup of fill of first floor of temple back street, does the …… of hoof of hot sheep of white home hemp of drum-tower night fair want to sample these familiar to the ear can of detailed unseal fastfood? Actually, unseal in what lights wanes to the close night fair, it is not easy that the sign that foreigner wants to find them at a draught is held out.

If have a piece of special scale,unseal the map that fastfood geography distributings comes out, do not let all more simple becoming?

Yesterday, the reporter unseals in Baidu in see, by netizen “ fool be good at the literal edition “ that ” publishs the earliest unseals the heat that fastfood map ” caused a netizen is discussed, the hit inside short time amounts to thousands of person-time, nearly 100 netizens follow post support.

Fool of this netizen “ be good at ” unseals what he collects cate news reveal everything, involve 18 kinds big nearly 100 fastfood information that contain location position.

Intended “ tries to locate sth by following up a clue ” person need to search “ to unseal through Baidu only the relevant character such as fastfood map ” , the “ that can find this easily to be made meticulously by the netizen unseals fastfood map ” .

But also the netizen points out, the “ of this character edition unseals fastfood map ” just provided the specific place with bit more fastfood part, if foreigner is full ave ground really,go searching, even map of have the aid of perhaps asks along the street. If can print a fastfood map on real significance technically about the branch, perhaps unseal in what have undertake on graph of city traffic travel special tag, will go to the lavatory greatly nonlocal tourist, the heat of travel of Zheng another name for Kaifeng that this action warms up to lasting is to perfect undoubtedly.

Subsequently, the reporter alls alone “ is inputted to unseal in engine in G Oogle search fastfood map ” , appear about 114, 000 corresponding inquiry results, citizen of it serves to show is mixed to the enthusiasm of this matter attention.

Yesterday afternoon, travel agent of Henan Kang Hui unseals the Li Zong of minute of company tells a reporter, the “ that regards travel as one of 6 element eats culture ” , in unseal there is significant position in tourism, and, what bring as city of be in harmony of Zheng another name for Kaifeng is new the arrival of upsurge of round of travel, fastfood swim to self-help, drive oneself swim, the tourist such as the go on a journey that choose the home has stronger appeal.

He hopes travel, meal, culture publishs the demand that waits for relevant section to be able to comply with the market, accelerate make up draw the “ on real significance unseals fastfood map ” , let it at an early date benefit and broad tourist, benefit unseals travel. Reader friend has He Xi to look to this, proposal and requirement, the welcome dials a telephone 15837840168.
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