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Unseal general situation!
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Be located in Yu Dongping downstream favorable opposition accumulates former, Yellow River a Na Yi

[Historical culture]
Opening a found a capital in succession to the later han dynasty, the later Han dynasty, the Later Zhou Dynasty and Northen Song Dynasty, unseal government office also expands, administer 18 counties 24 towns. Unseal, dredge appearance calls bare the county, each county calls the others Ji county, dredge appearance county is in Song Zhen Zong Dazhong auspicious accord with 2 years (1009) changes call auspicious accord with the county. Unseal the most prosperous period is Northen Song Dynasty, found a capital is as long as 167 years. The Christian era 1127, place of the person that it is gold is lousy, destroy Yu Bingxian. Be in after Jin Renxian unseal prop up Zhang Bangchang, Liu Yu two puppet regime, eventually because people is disgustful and die young. Golden person will unseal fall road of the Beijing that it is another name for Kaifeng. Sea hill king was Nanjing with unsealing 1153, as the base of southing. To Zong Wanyan 珣 sufferred drain 1214 Mongolia is press, move the capital to another place hereat, still weigh Nanjing. Mongolia destroys Jin Jianyuan, province of the book in 11 travel is established in the whole nation, abbreviation is saved all right. Central Plains area sets the book in Henan Jiang Beihang to save, this is Henan weigh a province only then, provincial capital and road treat what be set in road of bridge of another name for Kaifeng to unseal. Yuan end Liu Futong leads a farmer uprise army Yu Longfeng 4 years (1358) razzias to be national capital feudality, maintained — only year 3 months, be in yuan army in besieging An Feng of go back former capital. Ming Hongwu the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (1368) March, zhu Yuanzhang captures unseal, liang Lu changing another name for Kaifeng is unseal government office, it is Beijing in order to unseal, before long cancel unseals the county merges into county of auspicious accord with, ended one city to divide treated situation by 2 counties from now on. Hong Wu 11 years (1378) cancel unseal Beijing title, seal 5 child bright red 橚 is Zhou Wang, guard Henan. After this is the provincial capital of Henan all the time, clear Dai Jizhi. The Republic of China 2 years (1913) abandons government office change its course. Instead of county of auspicious accord with unseals county, belong to Henan to save comfort one who treats sb to a meal, unseal still be provincial capital, govern place for comfort one who treats sb to a meal. The Republic of China 3 years (1914) changes comfort one who treats sb to a meal to to unseal. The Republic of China 16 years (1927) is abandoned, the Republic of China 18 years (1929) holds water unseal city, city, county is not belonged to with the city, unseal still be Henan provincial capital. The Republic of China 27 years (1938)6 month, the Japanese army is occupational unseal, provincial capital on the west change. Immediately following in time year March, provincial capital of day bogus Henan is unsealed by the change that install this world. Day bandit surrendered 1945, unseal answer for Henan provincial capital. In October 1948, the the Chinese People's Liberation Army take-overs unseal, held water in November unseal special city, still be provincial capital. Unseal prefectural government still is set inside city, in May 1949, unseal prefectural government move is pressed down toward Zhu Xian. In October 1954, provincial capital by unseal change is gone to Zhengzhou, unseal turn into the city that save administer. Zhengzhou commissioner government office came by Xing Yang Qian 1955 unseal, incognito unseal commissioner government office, administer unseals the 1O such as the county county. Classics the State Council was approved 1983, execute “ city to take prefectural ” system, unseal cancel of commissioner government office, 5 counties belong to former administer unseal city leadership.
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