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Delegate of group of our city tourism goes to Lanzhou " peddle " scene
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Came on September 18 on September 21, group of our city tourism represents a 5 person, far go to city of Lanzhou of the Gansu Province to recommend unseal travel resource, attend trade of classics of travel of Yellow River culture to negotiate toward Lanzhou ahead the Bin Peng of the meeting, the introduction unseals outstanding travel tourist attraction, the tourist that solicits area of more edge Yellow River comes another name for Kaifeng goes sightseeing.

As we have learned, this the our city goes to Lanzhou to although have 5 person only,recommend a group, but included chief of market of tourist attraction of a controller of 3 famous travel agent, bibcock, and before city tourism bureau heads a group personally about the leader, go to. Because be worth trade of classics of travel of culture of Lanzhou Yellow River to negotiate,can hold when, in last a period of time nearly 4 days during recommending, our city travel agent, tourist attraction recommends personnel to use this meeting actively to exhibit platform, extended travel of many our city publicizes a data, and with joined meeting travel person of the same trade to undertake communicating, negotiate, determined intent of many travel collaboration, widened travel cooperates channel, to develop land of travel passenger source further, solicit tourist of area of edge Yellow River to come positive effect arrived since sightseeing of another name for Kaifeng