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The foreign trader invests provision of civil aviation trade
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The first is the countryman in expanding further to use aviation industry (course of study of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) open to the outside world, the reform of course of study of stimulative civil aviaton and development, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investor, basis " law of enterprises of joint venture of China and foreign countries of People's Republic of China " , " collaboration of China and foreign countries of People's Republic of China manages law of enterprises " , " direction of investment of directive foreign trader sets " and " catalog of guidance of foreign investment industry " (part below abbreviation " set " and " catalog " ) reach, make this provision.

Organization of economy of etc of company of the 2nd foreign country, enterprise or individual (foreign trader of the following abbreviation) course of study of investment civil aviaton is applicable this regulation.

Limits of course of study of civil aviaton of investment of the 3rd foreign trader includes industry of transportation enterprises of civil airport, communal aviation, general aviation and aviation to carry relevant item. Prohibit the foreign trader invests and running system of air traffic control.

(One) encourage foreign investment to build civil airport. This regulation is weighed " civil airport " do not include the army and the people operable airport. The foreign trader invests civil airport to divide category to look:

1. Division of civil airport flight, include the path of track, taxiway, contact, aircraft parking area, the light of a lamp that aid boat;

2. Boat station building.

(2) the communal aviation transportation enterprises that encourages foreign investment to have.

Encourage foreign investment to be engaged in farming, forest, the general aviation industry that fishery works.

The general aviation industry that in allowing foreign investment to be engaged in official flight, sky, be visited or serves for industry, but must not be engaged in involving item of national classified exercise.

(3) " aviation carries relevant item " the item that includes food of service of storage of maintenance of aviation oil plants, plane, freight, ground, aviation, parking lot and other classics to approve.

The 4th foreign trader invests means to include:

(one) joint-stock, collaboration is managed (abbreviation " jointly owned " ) ;

(2) the share that buys civil aviaton company, the share that includes civil aviaton enterprise to be issued outside the condition and appear on the market in what churchyard issues foreign capital;

(3) the investment way that other classics approves.

The general aviation industry that the foreign trader invests to communal aviation is carried and be engaged in official flight, empty middle reaches seeing with cooperative management means, must acquire Chinese corporate organization.

The 5th foreign trader invests communal aviation transportation enterprises and civil airport, below coequal condition, the foreign country of level of advanced to having international management is congener the enterprise gives first consideration.
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