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Example of contract of aviation freightage insurance
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The goods that the first every transports in domestic classics aviation all can be this safe mark.

Policy-holder of classics of blame of the 2nd following goods and insurant are special agreement, be in insurance policy (proof) on carry bright, be absent the limits less than of insurance mark: The precious property such as bullion, gem, diamond, jade article, headgear, numismatics, antique, ancient books, Gu Hua, stamp, artwork, rare metal.

The 3rd following goods is absent the limits less than of insurance mark: Fish of vegetable, fruit, live domestic animals, birds and other animal.

Insurance liability

The 4th causes the loss of insurance goods as a result of following insurance accident, the underwriter loses liability to pay compensation:

(One) defect of fire, explosion, thunder, hail, windstorm, rainstorm, flood, seismic sea wave, ground, cliff dies;

(2) because the plane suffers collision, capsize, fall, be missing (in) of 3 months above, happen in jeopardy uninstall and suffer atrocious weather or other danger and disaster accident happening abandons the loss that behavior place causes;

(3) shake because of sufferring, collision or pressure and cause broken, bend, sunken shrivelled, break off, the loss of craze;

(4) the loss that causes goods be lost because of packing burst;

(5) the insurance goods that every belongs to liquid, semifluid to perhaps need to keep in store with the liquid, shake because of sufferring in carriage road, collision or pressure cause place to pack container (include say sth definitive so as to prevent further discussion) the loss that attaint produces leakage and causes, or the loss that incurs safe-deposit goods decay because of liquid leakage with the goods with safe-deposit liquid;

(6) suffer steal or the loss that pick up the goods does not wear;

(7) in the process is being carried with harbor inland face when loading, discharging, because suffer the contingency of force majeure and the loss that drench causes.

The 5th is in when producing the calamity accident inside extent of liability, pays because of rescue them or protecting insurance goods direct and reasonable fee.

Responsibility is absolved

The 6th causes the loss of insurance goods as a result of following account, the underwriter is not in charge of compensating for:

(One) action of war, war, sequestered, strike, fool grab and riot;

(2) nuclear reaction, nuclear shoot and radioactivity pollution;

(3) loss of insurance goods nature, the pollution that intrinsic defect, characteristic place causes, degenerative, attaint, and packing is not good at;
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