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The traffic in sky of Chinese civil aviation administers regulation
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General principles of the first chapter

The first flies to ensure civil aviation mobile safety and order ground undertakes, basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " with the country other concerned provision, draft this regulation.

This the 2nd regulation applies to the regulation of the international pact that our country concludes or enters in territorial air of People's Republic of China and basis lawfully, offer the empty civil aviation activity on the high seas of air traffic control by People's Republic of China.

This regulation is the basis that the traffic in organizing sky of executive civil aviation manages. Administration of various civil aviation and the unit that undertake civil aviation activity and individual, and the foreign civil aviation that flies inside division of information of our country flight implement flight personnel, all ought to abide by this regulation.

Total bureau of civil aviation of the 3rd China (total bureau of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) the organization that management board of the traffic in sky is in charge of the traffic in sky of countrywide civil aviation managing according to national regulation is carried out, include navigation of air traffic control, communication information of surveillant, voyage resembles a service to wait compatibly.

The job that the traffic in the 4th sky manages is effectively safeguard and promote safety of the transportation in sky, uphold order of the traffic in sky, the traffic in safeguard sky is expedite. The content that the traffic in sky manages basically includes management of discharge of the traffic in air traffic control, sky and airspace management.

The 5th air traffic control is the body that the traffic in sky supervises, include service of air traffic control, flight information service and service of give an alarm.

The task that air traffic control serves is to prevent aerostat and aerostat barge against to reach in barge against of the aerostat inside motor-driven area and fraise, safeguard and expedite the orderly flow of the traffic in sky.

The task that flight information serves is the aerostat to the middle of the flight provide the proposal that conduces to safety and effective ground carrying out a flight and information.

The job that tells police uniform Wu is the announcement that issues need to search for rescue aerostat to concerned organization, be organized according to needing to assist this or coordinate this work undertake.

Afore-mentioned air traffic control are offerred by unit of air traffic control.

The job that discharge of the traffic in the 6th sky manages is to be in sky when traffic discharge is close to or achieving air traffic control to be able to use capacity, undertake timelily adjustment, assure to the traffic in sky is flowed into optimally or carry relevant section, raise the airport, airspace to be able to use the utilization rate of the capacity as far as possible.
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