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Civil airport environmental protection runs way
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The first to protect civil airport environment, behavior of environmental protection of normative and civil airport, the safety that ensures civil airport and move normally, according to " law of environmental protection of People's Republic of China " , " environment of People's Republic of China affects evaluation technique " , " regulation of construction project environmental protection " , union is civil the airport is actual, make this provision.

This the 2nd regulation applies to civil aviation to carry the airport (include the army and the people operable airport is civil part, the following and appellative civil airport) environmental protection management.

Etc of administration of the 3rd airport is stationed in an unit, individual to have the obligation that protects airport environment, authority has report to the authorities to pollution or the unit that destroy airport environment and individual.

Total bureau of civil aviation of the 4th China (total bureau of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) the concerned policy policy that is in charge of an organization making civil airport environmental protection manage and technical standard, be in charge of examining and approve design of plan of project of civil airport environmental protection; To the airport construction project environment affects transaction or environmental influence protects prejudication of the organization that announce a list, harmonious in the center of concern administration to be in charge of a branch to affect a circumstance to undertake supervisory administrative to airport environment each with local people government. Management board of district of Chinese civil aviation (management board of district of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) our region of attune of responsible organization chime is civil the supervisory management that airport environmental protection works. Airport administration is in charge of organizing the environmental protection measure that implements this airport, assume the day-to-day management of this airport environmental protection.

Any the 5th units inside civil airport area and individual, ought to abide by each law that concerns civil airport environmental protection, code and regulations, each government that obedient airport administration establishs to protect airport environment sets, the environmental protection that has become this unit works.

Environment of project of construction of the 2nd chapter affects evaluation and design of plan of environmental protection project

The environmental protection establishment that form a complete set of need of project of construction of the 6th civil airport builds, must design at the same time with main body project, at the same time construction, at the same time put into production is used.

In the 7th optional location report that builds civil airport ought to the environmental problem such as the water that brief analysis may produce, gas, noise, zoology.
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