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Airline is right seize the opportunity the regulation of baggage
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Take domestic scheduled flight, the free baggage forehead of every passenger (include to consign and carry baggage) : Tourist class passenger is 20 kilograms, official cabin passenger is 30 kilograms, passenger of first-class stateroom cabin is 40 kilograms. Carry the gross weight of baggage, every passenger with 5 kilograms of in the limit of, every bulk must not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 centimeters; Take international scheduled flight, the gross weight of portable baggage with 7 kilograms (partial airline has special weight to restrict a regulation) in the limit of, the bulk of every baggage must not exceed 40 × of 20 × 55 centimeters (3 edges the sum does not exceed 115 centimeters) . Exceed afore-mentioned weight or bulk limitation, should serve as consign baggage.

The article that prohibits the passenger is carried or be being consigned, include:

Firearms, for military use or alarm provide with instrument kind (contain main part) ;

Explosive category;

Control cutting tool;

Explode combustibly, easily article;

Poisons substanes;

Caustic article;

Radioactivity article;

The article of safety of other harm flight;

What state law code sets is other prohibit carrying, carriage article.

Prohibit the passenger is carried but the article that can consign as baggage, include:

The life such as kitchen knife, scissors, fruit knife, razor uses a knife;

The professional cutting tool such as knife of scalpel, butcher, graver;

Literary unit performs used knife, lance, sword, halberd to wait;

Alpenstock of head of axe, authentic, hammer, awl, accentuation or the cane of hammer having a tip, iron;

Other and usable the acute that will endanger aviation security implement, blunt implement;

Wine kind (1 kilogram and pack in good condition) .

Seize the opportunity passenger but the articles for daily use that set limit to carries, include:

Fixature, collar is clean 1 bottle (350ml) ;

Rub silk, brightening agent 1 bottle (350ml) ;

Perfume 500ml;

Insecticide 1 bottle (350ml) ;

Air is fresh agent 1 bottle (350ml) ;

Other the articles for daily use that contains combustible material;

Lighter (fill have can burn gas or fuel oil) 5

Safe match 5.

All accumulative total do not exceed above 1000ml or 1 kilogram.

In addition, every passenger still can carry 2 bottles at most (every bottles of cubage all must not exceed 500ml) the liquid state article such as carbonic acid beverage, mineral water, boiled water, milk, yoghurt, fruit juice, affirm via opening bottle of examination undoubted hind the machine on the belt. Because special account needs the liquid state article that carries, the liquid state drug that carries like sicken passenger, infantile water articles for use that accompanies infantile passenger to carry, affirm via opening bottle of examination undoubted hind, can grant to carry.
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