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Buy the airport to build the regulation of cost
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Take domestic scheduled flight each 50 yuan of RMBs, take scheduled flight of area of international and Hong Kong, Macao each 90 yuan of RMBs (contain travel to develop fund each 20 yuan of RMBs) , take circus wagon, Donier328, ART-72, CRJ-200, ERJ145, Xin Zhou 60, of the airliner of domestic branch line of 12 type of strong 8-4000 and carry each 10 yuan of RMBs.
According to the regulation, the following personnel does not need to buy the airport to build cost:
(1) 12 years old (contain) the following child need not hand in the airport to build cost;
(2) the holds diplomatic passport guest that takes airliner of international and Hong Kong, Macao to leave the country is avoided pay airport fee.
Since September 1, 2004, airport construction cost already was included in airline ticket, the passenger need not be bought in the airport.