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The classified standard of civil aviaton airline ticket
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When the passenger is buying airline ticket, must fill in include day of passenger full name, sexual distinction, birth date, nationality, passport each Id number, connect a telephone call, airliner number reachs protocol to whether order a sheet ordering a ticket that waits inside, classics after affirming, just can pay take a bank note.

With whether booking a seat cent is " OK " airline ticket and " OPEN " airline ticket two kinds.

"OK " the ticket is to point to have specific takeoff time, had decided the airline ticket of the seat;

"OPEN " the ticket is opposite " OK " airline ticket, it is to point to airline ticket to did not take off what go up certainly specific time, did not book the effective airline ticket of the seat beforehand namely, need to order good place before set out only, classics after affirming, can board the plane on time.

Airline ticket can be divided commonly for common airline ticket and special airline ticket two kinds, can divide again with the accident of time of period of efficacy for a year, the different sort such as 4 days of a 3 half an year, months, month, effective tickets, divide this and outside, because airline has different sales promotion measure, can have the restriction that different day counts consequently, that is to say, airline can produce different airline ticket sort according to market condition, in order to get used to diverse passenger demand and consumptive ability.

Common a year period airline ticket (NORMAL FARE) , basically wait for a ticket separately (First Class) , business affairs ticket (BUSINESS CLASS) and economic ticket Economy Class Or Coach) 3 kinds, period of efficacy is a year, but the airliner of change other airline, the price of a ticket is faster, but go to the lavatory neatly, without the limitation on too much time, the likelihood in suiting road changes the passenger of circuit, time, buy this kind of airline ticket, passenger beard hold is relevant and effective certificate (the visa of Id or officer testimony, passport, proof going abroad and destination) .

Special airline ticket can be divided again wait for travel airline ticket, organization airline ticket, charter flight airline ticket, student airline ticket, favourable airline ticket, the price is relatively favourable, but limitation is more.

Travel airline ticket (EXCURSION FARE) , its fare is compared commonly common a year period airline ticket is relatively cheap, but limitation is opposite for more, can buy return only, cannot buy single ticket, can divide stop station and ceaseless station for midway two kinds, midway is concessional the fare that stops a station is more expensive, after holding ticket person to be able to keep period of time in destination certainly, return inside the period of efficacy that airline ticket sets, otherwise airline ticket is met invalidation, accordingly, when buying this kind of airline ticket, should understand period of efficacy in detail, lest because airline ticket expires invalidation, the return trip should buy a ticket separately, bring about loss.
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