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Civil airport facilities uses administrative regulation
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General principles of the first chapter

To strengthen civil airport special device uses government the first, ensure civil airport is special the safe applicability of equipment, safeguard flight safety and civil airport move normally, basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " and " the decision that the administration that the State Council withholds to needing truly examines and approve project set administration to permit " , make this provision.

This the 2nd regulation applies to civil airport special device (the following abbreviation is special equipment) use license and control examination government continuously.

This regulation is weighed " special device " , it is to show to ensure aerostat flight and ground run safety, all sorts of special device that are used at aerostat ground safeguard, aviation to carry the operation such as the service inside civil airport (its limits sees this formulary appendix " civil airport is special equipment list " ) .

Fact of the 3rd special device uses licence management system all right.

This regulation is said to use permit, it is to point to total bureau of classics China civil aviation (total bureau of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) authorized issue allow the permissive document that specific product uses inside civil airport.

Special device uses license term of validity to be 8 years.

The 4th special facility that did not obtain use license must not be used at aerostat ground safeguard, aviation to carry the exercise activity such as the service.

The use that total bureau of the 5th civil aviaton is in charge of special device is permitted and control government continuously.

Management board of civil aviaton district is responsible immanent to area under administration used special device carries out supervisory management.

Use average per capita of manufacturer of the 6th special equipment, special device ought to follow honest credence principle, the application segment that uses permit in special device or the safe hidden danger that in be being used to special device, discover must not conceal information to perhaps provide false information.

The use license of special device administers the 2nd rule

The application of the first use licence and deal with

The 7th special device uses the applicant of licence to be special equipment manufacturer.

Apply for special device license to answer to to civil aviaton total bureau offers application and should satisfy following requirement:

(One) special equipment manufacturer possesses legal entity qualification;

(2) special equipment manufacturer has necessary production condition and perfect quality guarantee system and metric examine equipment, personnel;

(3) place application product applies a respect not to have tort behavior in the technology;
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