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Electronic airline ticket books notice
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Electronic airline ticket books notice

Notice books on airline ticket net:

The place after condition of 1. your choice lists an airliner to be the total flight number that accords with a condition, give a ticket finally to serve sky of beyond be open to navigation or air traffic limited company to think to allow really to you.

2. because amount of cabin seat or berth is limited, show cabin seat or berth can give a bill on unwarrantable all net so, please with truly far think to allow.

3. asks you to leave right connection kind (mobile phone, machine) , so that airline ticket is booked member can in time affirm airline ticket matters concerned with you, if get in touch or cannot contact information with you incorrect, this order will be regarded as to disable cancel to handle.

4. can board the plane smoothly for you, use please board the plane place undertakes booking with the full name on certificate (the baby needs to offer an exact unripe date at the same time) , if book full name and certificate full name abhorrent (if English name is on certificate, chinese name is used to wait when booking) will not board the plane normally. The loss that causes by book person proper motion to assume.

You are asked to offer when 5. is booked board the plane the certificate number that uses certificate. If certificate number nots agree with, will not board the plane normally. The loss that causes by book person proper motion to assume.

6. is not referred please repeat order (same board the plane when the person is same paragraph of order of two pieces of above) , if repeat order to bring about because of referring,repeat a ticket, the money of return a ticket that produces will by book person sum to assume. If need to change the journey, call 0378-5510055/3811588 please.

Change the date of 7. airline ticket, return a ticket, lot turns to have the corresponding regulation according to different airline, different cabin seat or berth operating, if revise,give ticket hind, the lot turns, place of return a ticket produces cost by book person sum to assume (each airline pushs regulation changing a label to differ somewhat) it is finally with each airline file accurate.

8. no matter paper ticket or electronic passenger ticket, the passenger must reach the airport inside the time limit that airline sets, by passenger ticket and oneself effective identity document is dealt with on time seize the opportunity formalities. The plane stops to deal with from before the station 45 minutes or so seize the opportunity formalities (each airport executive circumstance is differ, serve as referenced) only, unseal airline ticket net is special remind you, board the plane to assure to board the plane to shift to an earlier date smoothly 90 minutes to arrive at the airport to deal with please formalities. The guest that buys international to go back and forth between airline ticket shifts to an earlier date 72 hours to confirm return trip seat number with local airline please.
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