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The passenger seizes the opportunity to prohibit carrying lighter, match
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The passenger since April 7 seizes the opportunity to prohibit carrying lighter, match

Need according to aviation safety, bureau of Chinese civil aviation issued newest announcement on April 7, 2008: Prohibit since this day the passenger carries lighter, match to take civil aviaton plane.

Deep boat ground serves department chief to remind, the passenger can seek advice from the sort of liquid state article that prohibits be being carried and limits actively to the staff member when buying airline ticket and formalities of conduction value opportunity, specific as follows:

1, product of cutting tool of liquid state article, cosmetic, life, electron, metal kind, the lighter, match goods that must fly box to check is put in baggage to consign.

2, prohibit carrying but can be not article of banned liquid state to have as what baggage consigns: Rare ⑾ of Pi ⒁  beats ┢ of rancorring ⒁ of Piao of  of J of ⑺  ⒈ to return reject leg of children's hair excrement as kind of bag crane second carve punish  to sigh column about Mi of Ran He plinth ⒏ second carve two

3, prohibit the banned article that the in any way carries basically includes:

4, if need to carry cosmetic of a few viatic for private use, every kinds are restricted to take 1, its container volume must not exceed 100 milliliter, answer inside park independence bag, accept bottle of inspection.